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Learn from the world's best experts

Course on Responsible Leadership

Responsible Leadership from a global and contextual perspective with lecturers from all continents

By Globethics Academy

The brand bucket academy

Join the Brand Bucket Academy and be a part of the marketing revolution!

By Barnaby Wynter

The sales academy

Become a sales master and never let the big one get away!

By Frank Furness

The business super growth academy

Develop the best strategy to grow your business with Fabrice Beillard!

By Fabrice Beillard

The spiritual fitness academy

Develop the best strategy to keep yourself fit!

By Farhan Dhalla

The leadership academy

Unleash the leader within!

By Karl Moore

The corporate sufi academy

Join the Corporate Sufi Academy and be a part of the marketing revolution!

By Azim Jamal

The webpreneur academy

Take that next step and start your online business today!

By Amir Anzur

The emotional intelligence academy

Develop emotional intelligence with Sanjay Shah!

By Sanjay Shah

The media coach academy

Develop your confidence with Alan Stevens!

By Alan Stevens

The Bondi Fresh Cooking Academy

The Bondi Fresh Cooking Academy teaches you all the greatest Australian beach side cuisine. Learn from respected chef and food blogger Hilary Bloomfield.

By Hilary Bloomfield

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Because entrepreneurs operate to a different time system!

By Bruce Wade

Managing Your Cashflow

This course is all about effectively Managing Your Cashflow. Carefully managing your cash inflows from revenue and cash outflows from expenditure is key for the on-going survival of your business.

By Kelly Clifford

    Our Institutional Courses


    Barnaby Wynters Brand Bucket Academy

    "I liked the examples/illustrations used to add texture. The simple elegance of the bucket model and buckets of experience."
    Sam Ithell, Hard Hat Business Advice
    Frank Furness The Sales Academy

    "He is humorous, charismatic and completely knowledgeable on his subject. He is quite simply, completely professional and outstanding value."
    Joe D Adams, Chairman Group 11
    Frank Furness The Sales Academy

    "Two months after the sessions with Frank, the performance and revenue achieved by the call centre were tremendous - August 73% increase and September a 70% increase."
    Hema Morar, HR Manager Virgin
    Fabrice Beillard The Business Super Growth Academy

    "We found this coaching really very useful as we got . many practical ways to expand & market our business. We learnt how to keep existing clients’ loyalty and how to attract new clients within & outside our community. We would strongly recommend every business to follow these guidelines."
    H.A Saroha, Manager Business Services
    Alan Stevens The Media Coaching Academy

    "You were brilliant. You were honest and not patronising – made it interesting and valid – and all with professionalism and good humour. I would readily and heartily recommend you."
    Carole Patrick, North Yorkshire Police
    Karl Moore The Leadership Academy

    "One of the best authors, teachers and human beings that I know."
    Rami Berro, Senior Consultant at PwC
    Azim Jamal The Corporate Balance Academy

    "Extremely impressive. very inspiring. "
    Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bestselling author
    Farhan Dhalla The Spiritual Fitness Academy

    "Farhan is a quiet miracle worker who does what he loves because he is compelled and moved to do it... I will be forever grateful to Farhan for resolving [my] two issues... I had never experienced a past life episode like this, but this has opened my eyes, my mind and my heart."
    Anon, Melbourne, Australia
    Amir Anzur The Webpreneur Academy

    " Amir is an inspiring speaker who knows how to influence his audience. He is keen to teach and learn. Amir is very innovative and a person who always thinks out of the box, he always does it in different way. Amir is an original thinker and I think that Amir is a plus for any organization seeking to be different."
    Badih Matar, Head of Organizational Development
    Wendy Mayhew The Entrepreneurship Academy

    "I have known Wendy Mayhew for many year's, and we have worked together on various projects. I have found her to be extremely professional, very personable and highly professional in any situation when I have had the opportunity to work with her."
    David Stein President, Dale & Associates Employee Bene­fits Consultant and Broker
    Sanjay Shah The Emotional Intelligence Academy

    " If you want easily applied emotional intelligence models that can have profound benefits to your business and personal life, then I must commend the work of Sanjay and Prime Source to you. I have seen first hand numerous significant shifts in peoples self-belief systems as a result of his work. Emotional intelligence without the “Ra-Ra”! A “must experience” training."
    David Hyner, Fellow (FPSA) of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA)
    Sanjay Shah The Emotional Intelligence Academy

    "Sanjay is a prolific speaker and trainer who makes a huge impact on the lives of those he comes into contact with. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to grow both professionally and personally."
    Frank Furness, Sales Trainer and Author


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